Friday, March 11, 2011

(Lyric) Kyuhyun – Hope is a Dream that does’t Sleep (Ost.King of Baking)

나 외로워도 돼. 널 생각할때 미소가 나의 얼굴엔 번져.
나 힘들어도 돼. 니가 행복할때 사랑이 내맘 가득히 채워.
오늘도 나 거친 세상 속에 상처를 힘들어도 눈 감으면 니 모습뿐.
아 직도 귓가에 들려오는 꿈들이 나의 곁에서 널 향해 가고 있잖아.
내 삶이 하루하루 꿈을 꾸는 것처럼 너와 함께 마주보며 사랑할수 있다면 다시 일어설거야.
나에게 소중했던 기억 속의 행복들, 힘든 시간 속에서도 더욱 따스했던 희망은 내게 잠들지 않는 꿈.
na oelowodo dwae. neol saeng-gaghalttae misoga naui eolgul-en beonjyeo.
na himdeul-eodo dwae. niga haengboghalttae salang-i naemam gadeughi chaewo.
oneuldo na geochin sesang sog-e sangcheoleul himdeul-eodo nun gam-eumyeon ni moseubppun.
a jigdo gwisga-e deullyeooneun kkumdeul-i naui gyeot-eseo neol hyanghae gago issjanh-a.
nae salm-i haluhalu kkum-eul kkuneun geoscheoleom neowa hamkke majubomyeo salanghalsu issdamyeon dasi il-eoseolgeoya.
na-ege sojunghaessdeon gieog sog-ui haengbogdeul, himdeun sigan sog-eseodo deoug ttaseuhaessdeon huimang-eun naege jamdeulji anhneun kkum.
Does not matter if I’m alone when I think about you a smile on my face will flash
Even if I did not mind a hard time when you are happy love overflowing in my heart
Like today I walked this world would be hard even if injured on the left you just shut our eyes and look
Still dream of being in the ear to rotate towards you from my side away
Day dream of my life every day with the same care normally associated with love you I can take heart again
For me, the happiness of those precious memories ah intolerable life is even more to become warm hope that I would never dream of silence


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