Monday, October 18, 2010

Witch Amusement OST

 Witch Amusement OST 

Track List :

01 운명의 장난 The Destiny's Amusement 命运的恶作剧 - Mc진리(Feat.하하 Haha)
02 If - 전혜빈 Jun Hye Bin
03 그게 말이죠 What I Want To Say Is... 愤怒的消失 - Tree Bicycle
04 Day By Day -조관우 Cho Kwan Woo
05 사랑아 내게 오기만 해(Part1) My Love, Just Come To Me (Part1) 爱向着我来的那天(Part1) - Ashily
06 Destiny - 이성욱 Lee Sung Wook
07 사랑은 어려워 Love Is Difficult 爱是难题 - 박채원(연우) Pak Chai Won
08 Memories - 김유경 Kim Yoo Kyung
09 그래 Yes, OK 因此 - 나창현 Na Chang Hyun
10 사랑아 내게 오기만해(Part2) My Love, Just Come To Me (Part 2) 爱向着我来的那天 (Part2) - Ashily
11 Just Like Destiny (Inst.)
12 Run And Run (Inst.)
13 사랑을 몰라 I Don't Know Loving 无法理解的爱 (Inst.)
14 사랑이 힘들 때 When Loving Is Tiring 爱是力量 (Inst.)
15 요리 Cooking 料理 (Inst.)
16 左충右돌 Dash And Rush 左虫右石 (Inst.)
17 Love Lesson (Inst.)
18 굳세어라 행진곡 Be strong March 加油时刻进行曲 (Inst.)
19 Destiny Adagio (Inst.)

The destiny's amusement - MC Truth (Feat. Haha) Download

If - Jun Hye Bin Download

Destiny - Lee Sung Wook Download

My love, just come to me (part 2) - Ashily Download

Credit : korean entertainment


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