Sunday, February 20, 2011

[NEWS] 110219 “Why do you speak so much with other ladies?”—-Victoria’s burst of jealousy caused Nichkhun to panic

WGM’s episode on 19th February showed Nichkhun and Victoria on a movie date.

Having finished their busy schedules, both Nichkhun and Victoria met each other and enjoyed their date amidst a lovely atmosphere. Before watching the movie, Nichkhun and Victoria proceeded to buy popcorn and drinks.

The ever meticulous Nichkhun asked the counter staff for the movie synopsis and further information, causing Victoria to cast Nichkhun a glance saying, “Why are you speaking so much with other ladies?” Nichkhun became flustered upon seeing Victoria’s jealousy.

Victoria expressed that she will not let her guard down at Nichkhun’s interactions with other ladies.

Furthermore, Nichkhun attempted to appease Victoria by saying that he “has no one else but Victoria”, thus earning a smile from Victoria.



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