Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seungyeon and Hyorin take a trip on SBS's L...

KARA Seungyeon, the "kkwadang girl", brought laughter on SBS's Lunar New Year Special 'King of Idols.' The show aired on February 2nd in which 18 idol members gathered at Pattaya, Thailand. The idols fought for the title of King and Queen of Idols through various games.

Super Junior Eunhyuk invited Seungyeon to the stage and she performed a sexy dance to Far*East Movement's hit "Like A G6". She was so into her dance that she lost her balance and plopped on the floor with a laugh. The MCs then urged "kkwadang Seungyeon" to re-enact her performance to everyone's amusement.

Then Super Junior Donghae chose Hyorin to come to the dance floor. Hyorin begins to perform a very sensual and sexy dance. Everyone was awed by her dance until her right shoe came off during one of her moves. Hyorin stopped to fix her shoe and had nearly all the male idols rush to help her.


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