Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Junior's Heechul and SHINee's Tae...

Super Junior's Heechul uploaded a photograph of himself when he was in high school on his Twitter recently.

He tweets, "This is a picture from high school keke I used to like Doraemon. I took a picture of it, and the quality is... I don't think you can tell who it is ㅡㅡ Ah but the quality sucks so you can't see my double eyelids and my eyebrows are halved. What the heck keke maybe I shouldn't have uploaded it keke. I think 'Kim Heechul before plastic' is going to come up but you can tell I was very popular kekekeke."

For those who have no idea what Doraemon is, it is a Japanese manga series later created into an anime by Fujiko F. Fujio (real name Hiroshi Fujimoto). The robotic cat, Doraemon, goes back in time to the 22nd century to help a schoolboy.

Fans who saw the image left comments such as, "Really handsome! Heenim>>> best face", "is it Doraemon? so cute!!!", and "So cute, oppa! Wish that the quality of the photo was better... =(".

But, does anyone think high school Heechul looks familiar?


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