Saturday, January 1, 2011

Daftar Pemenang 2010 MBC Drama Awards

Winner List of 2010 MBC Drama Awards

Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim Nam-joo (Queen of Reversals), Han Hyo-joo (Dong Yi)

Top Excellence, Actor: Jung Jun-ho (Queen of Reversals), Ji Jin-hee (Dong Yi)

Top Excellence, Actress: Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta), Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Desire)

Excellence Award, Actor: Park Shi-hoo (Queen of Reversals), Lee Min-ho (Personal Taste)

Excellence Award, Actress: Park Eun-hye (Pink Lipstick), Lee So-yeon (Dong Yi)

New Actor: Lee Sang-yoon (Home Sweet Home), Lee Tae-sung (Playful Kiss, Enjoy Life)

New Actress: Park Ha-sun (Dong Yi), Jo Yoon-hee (Goldfish)

Golden Acting Award, Serial Drama: Kim Bo-yeon (Goldfish), Park Sang-won (Goldfish)

Golden Acting Award, Supporting Role: Kim Yoo-seok (Dong Yi), Ha Yu-mi (Queen of Reversals)

Golden Acting Award, Veteran Actor: Park Jung-soo (Enjoy Life, Queen of Reversals), Im Chae-moo (Enjoy Life)

Popularity Award: Kim Hyun-joong (Playful Kiss), Han Hyo-joo (Dong Yi)

Best Couple Award (Viewers’ Pick): Lee Seon-kyun & Gong Hyo-jin (Pasta)

Drama of the Year (Viewers’ Pick): Dong Yi

Child Actor Award: Kim Yoo-jung (Dong Yi, Flames of Desire), Lee Hyung-seok (Dong Yi)

Family Award: Gloria

Character Daesangs (WTF, MBC?)

Hot Temper Award: Lee Seon-kyun (Pasta)

Loser Award: Jung Jun-ho (Queen of Reversals)

Multiple Personality Award: Shin Eun-kyung (Flames of Desire)

Crude Language Award: Im Chae-moo (Enjoy Life)

Inappropriately Silly Award: Ji Jin-hee (Dong Yi)

Special Awards

PDs’ Award, Drama: Oh Kyung-hoon (Home Sweet Home)

PDs’ Award, Acting: Lee Tae-gon (Goldfish, Chae Jung-ahn (Queen of Reversals)

TV Category
Writer of the Year: Go Hye-rim (Tears of the Amazon, Park Hyun-joo (Enjoy Life), Jo Eun-jung (Goldfish)

Lifetime Achievement: Na Mun-hee, Jung Hye-sun

Special Award, Voice Dubbing: Song Joon-seok (CSI)

Special Award, Announcer: Moo Ji-ae (Zero)

Special Award, Reporter: Park Jin-woo (Live Morning)

Radio Category
Top Excellence Award: Jo Young-nam (Radio Age)

Excellence Award: Hyun Young (Jung-oh’s Request Line), Bae Chil (Bae Han-sung, Bae Chil-soo’s Fight)

Newcomer: Noh Hong-chul (Noh Hong-chul’s Friends)

Lifetime Achievement: Sung Kyung-seob (News Touch)

Writer of the Year: Park Chang-seob (Sohn Seok-hee’s Focus)

Announcer: Lee Joo-yeon (Lee Joo-yeon’s Movie Music)

Reporter: Kim Yu-ri (2pm Date)

Courtesy of Mydaily and Dramabeans


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