Friday, March 4, 2011


Nah ini dia smash yang dari KOREA :

This 6 member boy band known as Smash, from TN Entertainment (Tony An's label) is supposedly "extremely talented."

The 6 members, Sae Gae, Chun Woo, Han Bang, Jerry, Hiro and Naruro are not only pretty boys and dancers but also composers and lyricists. Or so the press release states.

Smash will debut on Mnet M Countdown on the 14th (later today in Korea) and their first mini-album and MV will be released on the 19th

source : allkpop

SMASH - group caps


World (Sae gae)Name: Nam HyunStage Name: World (The Strong Hyung)Birthday: November 19, 1980Blood Type: OWeight: 59 kgHeight: 173 cm

NaruName: Joo Young SukStage Name: Naru (The Aegyo Boy)Birthday: October 7, 1988Blood Type: OWeight: 58 KgHeight: 175 cm

JerryName: Shim Min KyuStage Name: Jerry (The Most Handsome)Birthday: May 13, 1988Blood Type: AWeight: 61 KgHeight: 173 cm

HanbangName: Han Jung SooStage Name: Han Bang (Most Charismatic)Birthday: January 26, 1989Blood Type: BWeight: 65 KgHeight: 175 cm

Cheon WooName: Lee Jin YongStage Name: Cheon Woo (Mood Maker)Birthday: March 16, 1985Blood Type: AWeight: 60 KgHeight: 170 cm

HeroName: Kim Min SooStage Name: Hero (The Cute Magnae)Birthday: October 12, 1991Blood Type: AWeight: 58 KgHeight: 175 cm



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