Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wooyoung hints at 2PM's Korean comeback in the summer on PKL Starry Night radio

PKL: Messenger Jason, Messenger Jason please answer.
Wooyoung: Hello, I’m Messenger Jason from Cheongdam crossroads.
PKL: Ah, Messenger Jason from Cheongdam crossroads.
Wooyoung:That’s right, that’s me.
PKL: What is your real name? Messenger Jason?
Wooyoung: Real name?
PKL: Yes.
Wooyoung: Park Kyung Lim. (laugh)
PKL: You are good at joking!
Wooyoung: (laugh) Hello, I’m Jang Wooyoung.
PKL: Wow~ 2PM!
Wooyoung: Yo~
PKL: Glad to meet you. How is the traffic condition at Cheongdam crossroads, Messenger Jang Wooyoung?
Wooyoung: Right now the traffic condition of Cheongdam crossroads is there’s four roads intersecting each other.
PKL: Yes, that’s because it’s crossroad (-_-)
Wooyoung: As there are four roads, and all four of them can be used now,
PKL: Yes yes~
Wooyoung: So the road is not congested.
PKL: The traffic is smooth right?
Wooyoung: Yes yes~
PKL: Ah you have provided us with a piece of good news, high class information.
Wooyoung: Yes.
PKL: Then what is the most uncrowded bus at Cheongdam crossroads.
Wooyoung: The most empty bus?
PKL: Yes.
Wooyoung: Nearly none.
PKL: Then does Cheongdam crossroads have any hot issue?
Wooyoung: Yes, as it has always been a hot topic/issue.
PKL: A hot issue~ Messenger Jang Wooyoung, while walking on the road, won’t many people approach you and ask for signs or other things and cause a signing situation?
Wooyoung: I’m not sure of others, but if we 2PM members were without makeup, many don’t recognize us.
PKL: Is that so? I have similar experience too.
Wooyoung: Yes. We 2PM members look no different from ordinary people.
PKL: Is that so? Thinking that “Is that Jang Wooyoung?” and then just walk past.
Wooyoung: Yes, that could also happen. (stutter)
PKL: I’m sorry~ Then Messenger Wooyoung, I have enjoyed watching Dream High, the character Jason, native speaker right?
Wooyoung: Oh~ Er~ That~
PKL: Your English is so fluent that I thought you’re really my friend Jason.
Wooyoung: Yes, I’m that friend of yours.
PKL: Right? It’s that friend. Then please compliment that friend. Please say the first English line.
Wooyoung: Ah, I suddenly forget that.
PKL: I say, it’s only have been how long? How could you have forgotten that? (laugh)
PKL: Then our Messenger Jang Wooyoung, when can we see your follow-up show?
Wooyoung: There have been nearly no news after finishing Dream High. It’s kind of hard to say.
PKL: Then it will be difficult to see that at the end of the year?
Wooyoung: If I have to give a reply now, it is kind of…
PKL: That’s right, but there’s saying that goes like this “Every Night the archery will show” (something like success will only emerge at specific time), we’ll look forward to seeing you.
Wooyoung: Archery? Archery is good.
PKL: We are waiting too~ (they’re playing with Korean words)
PKL: When we will be seeing the next 2PM album? I’m really very curious.
Wooyoung: Speaking of 2PM’s situation, this summer, we’ll once again stir Korea.
PKL: Wow~ that’s awesome. Please quickly make a comeback. There are still many that like woou couple, is there a chance that after the drama, as there’s also little schedules together, that you would be awkward with each other again?
Wooyoung: In fact, there are many contacts with IU nowadays.
PKL: Contact each other often?
Wooyoung: Yes, and she also calls me oppa.
PKL: If she doesn’t call you oppa, should she call you ahjusshi?
Wooyoung: Oh! How did you know that?
PKL: Ah! You are good at joking! You are so mischievous, Messenger Jang Wooyoung~
PKL: Messenger Wooyoung, Cheongdam crossroads is really very quiet, are you in some house?
Wooyoung: I have left Cheongdam crossroads and I’m back in our hostel.
PKL: Ah~ hostel~ Who are you with?
Wooyoung: With me? It is someone who looks very much like me.
PKL: Oh who is it?
Wooyoung: He’s called Nichkhun.
PKL: Ah what nonsense are you talking about~
PKL: Then, can we change to nichkhun? Just for a greeting.
Wooyoung: Ok, please wait. Nichkhun? Hello I’m Nichkhun.
PKL: Wait a minute, Messenger Jang Wooyoung~
Wooyoung: Yes, yes, I’m here.
PKL: Are you really going to be like this? It is obvious that you’re alone in hostel~
Wooyoung: Please wait a moment, really changing to the real Khun-hyung to answer the call?
Wooyoung: Please wait a moment, Khun-hyung~ Khun-hyung~ Kyung Lim Nuna’s call, answer the call please, it’s Stary Night radio.
Nichkhun: Hello? (여보세요?)
PKL: Wow, it’s Nichkhun.
Nichkhun: Hello. (안녕하세요)
PKL: Nichkhun~
Nichkhun: Kyung Lim Nuna, hello.
PKL: 사랑 해요 Nichkhun짱!
Nichkhun: Thank you.
PKL: Nichkhun, how are you recently?
Nichkhun: Yes, everything’s well.
PKL: Nichkhun when are you coming to our radio broadcast?
Nichkhun: Ah~ When will it be?
PKL: Come here tomorrow~
Nichkhun: Tomorrow? (laugh)
PKL: Yes.
Nichkhun: Then I’ll check our schedules first.
PKL: Omo, not even rejecting, such a kind young man. Nichkhun~
Nichkhun: Yes?
PKL: Do you by any chance know what is today’s “Stary Night” special quiz?
Nichkhun: Oh, I don’t know.
PKL: Then… (nichkhun interrupt) Nichkhun: I saw Wooyoung speaking for a while
PKL: Then please change back to Messenger Jang Wooyoung. If there’s a chance, let’s meet up.
Nichkhun: Yes~ Thanks for your effort.
Wooyoung: Yes, I have changed back.
PKL: Messenger Jang Wooyoung, why didn’t you convey the question to Nichkhun?
Wooyoung: Yes, That~
PKL: Then, our Messenger Jason, please give out our “ Stary Night” question for today.
Wooyoung: Yes. The first hint is it is edible.
PKL: It is edible. There’s numerous of things that can be eaten. The second hint please~
Wooyoung: The second hint is it can be divided into first layer, second layer and third layer.
PKL: It can be eaten? Uh~ This is really difficult, please give us another hint.
Wooyoung: The last hint is in our daily life, when we are busy, it can be quickly done with.
PKL: Ah~ Is there a variety of things added in to it?
Wooyoung: That’s right and this is a very crucial hint! Only by knowing this you can guess it right~ I like this thing.
PKL: Ah~ you’ve given us really great hints to help~ (she’s being sarcastic about the hints that Wooyoung provided with is too vague)
PKL: Messenger Jang Wooyoung~ I’m really thankful to you.
Wooyoung: Not at all, I really like Kyung Lim’s Nuna’s voice.
PKL: Right, it’s not just the voice right?
Wooyoung: Er no Nuna~ (stutter)
PKL: Hurry come to our “Starry Night” there too many that wants to meet (you).
Wooyoung: Yes, will definitely go to the program.
PKL: And please bring Nichkhun along as well~
Wooyoung: Nichkhun is too busy. (laugh)
PKL: Thank you.
Wooyoung: Yes, please hang up~
PKL: Goodbye~
Wooyoung: Yes~


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