Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Bang Resigns With YG For Another Five Years

Looks like YG Entertainment's not losing their five star players any time soon.

The entertainment agency announced on April 7th that the five-membered idol group Big Bang decided to resign with them for another five-year long contract. YG expressed, "The members of Big Bang are like family to us. We're grateful that they've decided to trust and have faith in the company that they debuted with. We're happy that the group Big Bang can remain with their fans for a long time. " It's been five years since the popular group debuted and blew up back in 2006.

YG went on to point out, "With many idol groups, there tends to be friction with the agency and for a number of reasons the critical point for a group's breakup or retirement is when the initial management contract ends, which is around five years. This year is the five year mark since Big Bang's debut, and though there's been a lot of gossip and rumors [of breaking up] in the industry, the group has displayed longevity through this resigning. Big Bang will continue to show only their best to their fans."

On a side note, after their long-awaited comeback earlier this year, arguably one of the most popular male idol groups, Big Bang, will release their repackaged album featuring the two new title tracks "Stupid Liar" and "Love Song" on the 8th. They will make their first TV broadcast appearance with these songs on the 10th.

source: KBS Global


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